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Looking for Industrial Automation? We specialize in electric drives and stacking technology.

Services List

Design and supply o

Design and supply of electrical drives (frequency drives, controlled rectifiers, AC motors, DC motors, brushless servos, accessories...)

control systems

Design and supply of control systems (PLC - Programmable Logic Controller) - Measurement and regulation

- Electro assembling works

- Electro assembling works especially for industrial environment (the lines, production machines, infrastructure...)

Measurement and regulation


Tuning up the drives

Starting up and commissioning

Technical documentation

Production of distribution panels

Production of switchboxes for automation

Systems installed
Automation upgraded
Satisfied Customers


Complete delivery of the electrical part for various types of rack stacker cranes (many applications)
JUKON Košice:
wire producing company - Supply of the control systems for the lines, wiredrawing machines measurement and regulation for some parts of technologies - Revamping of the older machines - Moving of coating lines, wiredrawing machines, and other devices from Belgium to Slovakia - Assembling of the new lines and devices - Starting up and commissioning - Maintenance
Horle Trad Nitra
As was marked above - Delivery of electrical part for take up and pay off unites – coilers, uncoilers (drives, motors, sensors, accessories, software,)
RETIC Nové Sady
Complete supply of electrical part for the plastification lines producing plastificated wire given for production of the fences Several others small customers: computers networks in insurance company, assembling works, etc. Our business activities are mostly aimed at domestic marked (Slovakia and Czech Republic) up to now.
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